Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Hello everyone!

I've had the urge to create a blog for a really long time, however, I've never rolled up my sleeves, until now. It was because I always wanted it to be perfect, I wanted to focus on one certain topic that I like, but couldn't ever managed to decide on that topic because every time I thought "that's it", I realized that I equally wanted to write about something else, too. Then I noticed this was holding me back from creating a blog altogether. Instead, I've decided to go with the flow now, write about whatever I want without restraining myself. So this blog is pretty much going to be like me: erratic, messy and random. It's gonna be about bits and pieces, about nothing in particular, about anything that comes to my mind, about everything I want to write, all at once. And I'm hoping to pull some of you into my dreamagnetic field as well. 
Ready or not, here I come!


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