Friday, December 28, 2012

How To Do Your Hair In 20 Steps

Attention: This is a girly post! If you can't handle the sweetness level of rainbows and unicorns, abort now!

Today I want to write about something that we, the part of the world population who has boobs (I don't want to use the v. word), have been struggling with in the mornings throughout our entire lives: How to do our hair.

We're soon gonna celebrate the New Year... New Year's Eve... New Year's Eve's Evening... Uhm. Whatever. You get the point. And I want everyone to look fabulous, so I'll just give some tips on how to do your hair. 

I noticed that there are some certain mistakes that girls tend to make when they try to do their hair. First, your hair is not your enemy. It is a part of you and you need to embrace it, no matter what. Second, try to be gentle to it, your hair doesn't like to be bullied. Third, don't just do your hair right away, this is what you do wrong. 

Here is how to do your hair in 20 easy steps:

1. Introduce yourself to your hair, it works! Example: Hello hair I'm Dirim, how do you do?
2. Get to know your hair. Learn what its interest are. See what it likes or not. 
3. Take your hair out to a casual date, go to a movie or something. 
4. Let your hair know that you're interested in it.
5. Talk to your hair on the phone. Your hair likes to talk on the phone, believe me.
6. Try to get to know your hair better. Understand what makes it happy, angry and sad. 
7. Take your hair out to a nice, quite dinner. Communicate with your hair. This is the key to everything.
8. Be patient. Don't push things if your hair doesn't want it. Take it slow.
9. Take your hair out to a bar: Drink, laugh and have fun with your hair.
10. Don't treat your hair like it's an object. Your hair has it's own ideas, thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge them.  
11.Respect your hair. Or at least, act like you respect it. 
12. Show your hair how well you get along.
13. Give your hair the impression that you are perfect for each other.
14. Make your hair happy.
15. Invite your hair to your place.
16. Cook your hair some yummy food, serve alcohol on dinner.
17. Get your hair drunk.
18. Take advantage of this fact and start to kiss your hair. Your hair will kiss back.
19. Take your hair's cloths off. 
20. Do your hair.

And this, my dear friends, is how you actually do your hair. Now you know.

P.S. At this point, you have two options:
You can either have a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship with your hair,
All of a sudden, you can start to ignore your hair and make your hair cry.

It's up to you.


  1. I tried this and it totally works!!!1

  2. I have failed at step 18. I think there is a bug on the "Your hair will kiss back" instruction. Moreover, you lose all save files if it is crashed because of that bug :/

    1. Yeah, it's very unfortunate but true that you lose all saved files. However, I know the cause of that bug. It's because you fail at step 17. You need to get your hair drunk enough so that your hair either won't care who it's kissing, or will be passed out. If it's the latter, you can continue with the steps 19 and 20 anyways, even if your hair doesn't kiss you back.